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The Project

P.O. BOX 1142 is a documentary that finally reveals to a wide audience the story of these heroes in the war effort. It will be presented on Public Television starting with WPBA-TV in Atlanta...
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The Story Behind the Project

P.O. BOX 1142 was the mailing address for all personnel working at a top secret base, Fort Hunt, on what used to be George Washington's farm. These unsung heroes brought World War II to an earlier close by obtaining vital information from top Nazi prisoners.

Many of these intelligence officers were Jews who had escaped Germany to come to the USA. Some enlisted and some were drafted, but all possessed skills, training and background that made them highly valuable intelligence soldiers.

How did they get the Germans to talk? It was not through torture, not even enhanced interrogation. They played chess, walked with them along the Potomac, had endless bull-sessions, and listened in on conversation.

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